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Wirefree 2-Meter Battery-Powered Wirefree Electric Curtain Tracks

Wirefree 2-Meter Battery-Powered Wirefree Electric Curtain Tracks

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Wirefree 2-Meter Smart Version Battery Powered Electric Curtain Tracks. Wire-free Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks

  • Completely wire-free! No wiring is required except for charging the battery.
  • A single full charge will last about 500 times of operation, which means about 3-5 months of normal use.
  • Smart motor work with Alexa, Google Home, Tuya App
  • Made-to-measure tracks are available. Please let us know your exact end-to-end length.


A quiet electric curtain tracks system (motorized rail) with a removable rechargeable battery for most curtain types up to 50kg weight!

1. Main Features

  • Wirefree, plug-and-play curtain.
  • Designed for silence
  • Manual operation is possible in case of power failure
  • Soft start and Soft stop
  • Touch Motion
  • Battery operated motor
  • Integration:

    • Interface with other home automation systems.
    • Optional controlled by 24-Hour x 7-Day Timer.
    • Optional controlled by Wall Switch.
  • High Quality:

    • Safe and reliable.
    • Ideal for home theatre curtains, living room drapery, dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, church baptisteries, convention booth curtains, hotels, etc.

2. Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency: battery pack
  • Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Protection Index: IP30
  • Insulation class: I
  • Approval: CE


3. Part List and Common Accessories

  • Part List:

    • Made to measure tracks.
    • One remote
    • One Motor
    • One Battery
    • One Charge
    • 2 Ceiling brackets per meter of a track.
    • Wall brackets are not included in the stander package. It is free of charge if the buyer asks for them before we despatch the order.
    • 8 curtain trolleys (pulleys) per meter of track.
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