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Hand-bendable Curtain Tracks

New era of made-to-measure at home. Enjoy the new technology to enhance DIY your luxury smart curtain tracks.

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DIY Smart Electric Curtain Tracks

Assemble your own smart curtain tracks, whether it's for two curtains or single one, motor at left or right, wall mount or ceiling mount, or multiple sets run sheer and heavy curtains.

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Height-adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Easily adjust desk height with single button. Enjoy the modern home & office electric standing desk / table.

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Battery-Powered Curtain Tracks

No plug nearby? No problem. Use our Wirefree Battery-powered curtain tracks. Single charge of the battery last months' operation.

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HC Smart Home Solution, providing smart home automation solutions including remote control smart electric curtain tracks, electric window opener, height adjustable electric standing desk, etc.