User Guide for Smart Curtain Tracks HT100B

Congratulations on your smart choice to choose our smart curtain tracks! You can follow the installation guides and video demonstrations to assemble and configure the motor. This will enable you to control your curtains via RF remote, Mobile Apps, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home devices.


User Guide to assembling the tracks, configure the smart motor and RF Remote

  • User Guide to configure the motor and remote

  • Simplified user guide to assemble the tracks

  • Guide to configure the RF remote for Smart Motor

    Pair RF Remote with Smart Motor HT100B

    To enable the remote control of the motor, you will need to pair it with the remote. You can synchronize them by following the section ‘1 Programming’ from the user guide. Press and hold in the PROG button (little hole) on the motor until the light flashes, then press the UP key on the remote. The light will flash once when it is successful.
  • Video guides to pair the remote, timer, or enable the motor to configure Tuya Smart App.

User Guide to enable Wifi connection, Mobile Apps, and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices


Video demonstration on how to assemble the tracks or cut to size


Feel free to contact us if you need more information to assemble the tracks!

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