2 easy steps to decide the right length of curtain tracks

How to effectively order the right length of smart electric curtain tracks? Let's solve this in 2 easy steps from HC SMART HOME.

DIY (do it yourself) and online order are very common on home improvement projects. Curtain Tracks normally are quite long so you need to measure and order the right sizes.

How to effectively order the right length of electric curtain tracks? Let's solve this in 2 easy steps.

1. Decide how the curtains will be hung.

  • Mounting to the wall or to the ceiling?

    Ceiling or wall mounting is the first step as we may need to order different ceiling and wall brackets.

    Normally, mounting the tracks to the ceiling if we have a sound base on the ceiling which can hold the curtain weight, or we design the curtains to cover from top to bottom.

    Or, if you choose to mount the curtain tracks to the wall. We'll need to ask if the smart electric curtain tracks come with wall brackets.

  • Single Curtain (one side to another) or Two Curtains?

    Whether we run the curtain from one side to another (one-way installation) or 2 curtains from the center, we need to consider the spaces for the curtains to stay.

    So if we have 2 curtains to operate centrally opening, both sides need enough space for the curtains to stay; otherwise, we need more space for the side which single curtains are going to cover.


2. Measure the curtain track length.

  • For wall-to-wall installation

    For wall-to-wall installation, we'll need to leave 2 centimeters (or an inch) on each side so the curtain tracks can be easily installed. 
    HC SMART HOME - Measure Smart Electric Curtain Tracks
    Leave 2 cm (or an inch) so we can wrap the curtains around, or easy to adjust without damaging the wall.

    Therefore, we just need to measure the distance between the wall. And then take 4 centimeters off (or 2 inches).

  • Just cover the window

    If you just need to cover the window, we can measure the window width, plus at least 30 centimeters on each side. The bigger the windows, the more spaces need to leave for the curtains to stay.
    HC SMART HOME - Measure and decide the length of smart electric curtain tracks
    Normally we can easily calculate the space with our simple formula, which is to multiply the round whole meters by 2, then add 10 more centimeters.

    For example, if you have a 2-meter-wide window, the required space will be 30 cm (= 2 x 10 + 10).


Once we have the total length of the tracks, we can then round it up and decide which smart electric curtain tracks to go on our HC SMART HOME website.

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